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Planet Dallas

Studio Recording

Providing a full range of studio services, from pre-production to overdubbing and mixing, Planet Dallas is fully prepared for any in-studio project, regardless of its size or budget. Offering artists and bands a professional, creative environment where they can begin, grow, or complete their recordings, Planet Dallas is truly a recording artists' dream.

In a professional recording studio designed for sonic clarity and equipped with a well-stocked mic locker, Planet Dallas is ready to handle any project or session. From full orchestras to rock bands, string sections, to vocal overdubs, Planet Dallas has you and your project covered.

Planet Dallas offers a full range of in-studio services, including:

  • Pre-production Prep
  • Initial Rhythm Tracking
  • Overdubbing
  • Mixing
  • Voice-overs
  • Digital Editing
  • Audiobook Narration
  • Film and Television Scoring
  • Radio Spots
  • Hands-on Training

We will analyze your project to best determine your needs, ensuring the final product is a success. With the involvement of Planet Dallas, your project will come to fruition and life.

Planet Dallas

Sound Division

Live sound reinforcement production...You name it, we do it.

With a combined 100 plus years of experience in recording and live sound logistics between our technical staff and affiliates, Planet Dallas is also the perfect choice to help you achieve the best possible sound from your concert, corporate meeting, or special event. Having Planet Dallas involved in your live production means that your audience will hear your music and words with the clarity you'd hoped for.

Planet Dallas has been involved with concerts and events ranging in size from 2,000 to 20,000 for clients such as Mary Kay and Southwest Airlines. Whether it's a major tour or corporate event, Planet Dallas has done it before and is ready to do it again.

Our experience with live productions has also given us the insight to help you answer any questions about stage layouts, sightlines, lighting, and video choices. With our attention to detail, the success of your live event is assured.

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Hands-On Training

Planet Dallas hands-on training program is a proud partner & affiliate of the Recording, Radio, & Film Connection.

We specialize in hands-on, one-to-one training for recording studio techniques and live sound mixing.

Ever dream of working in a studio? Maybe mixing a band, live? We can help you achieve that dream

Through the Mentorship Program, offered by Planet Dallas, you will experience hands-on training in a professional recording studio, your home studio, on-site at your venue or church.

Our step-by-step process will help you learn how to do more than just press record or turn up a vocal mic.

Acquiring knowledge of gain structure, signal flow, and troubleshooting from professionals in our industry, you'll be led to greater levels.

This seal certifies that this studio and its studio professionals are
Mentors dedicated to excellence in audio education and advancement the of the recording arts.

Planet Dallas