38 Years of Recording Excellence

For over 38 years, Planet Dallas has been providing world-class service to bands and artists alike, on both a local and national scale. Dedicated to helping artists by producing their sound to a standard that not only surpasses their expectations, but meets today’s requirements for record company acceptance.

Specializing in music production, ranging from demo projects to major record company releases,
Planet Dallas offers the perfect blend of professionalism and atmosphere; not only helping any project reach it’s completion, but helping them come to life in the process. In keeping true to proven recording techniques and sonic quality, your performance and presentation will be a successful one.

From rock to pop, country to metal, orchestras to choirs,
Planet Dallas can help your project reach it’s full potential, and sound.

With a combined 100 plus years experience in recording and live sound logistics between our technical staff and affiliates,
Planet Dallas is also the perfect choice to help you achieve the best possible sound from your concert, corporate meeting, or special event. Having Planet Dallas involved in your live production means that your audience will hear your music and words with the clarity you’d hoped for.

Our experience with live productions has also given us the insight to help you answer any questions about stage layouts, sight lines, lighting, and video choices. With our attention to detail, the success of your live event is assured.

Whatever your needs may be…

  • Studio Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Live Sound Production
  • Installations

Our experienced team will provide a solution for the utmost of demanding productions, leaving you, your band, or you’re your company, satisfied with a quality product and service you’ll be sure to revisit for future projects and productions.

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